We at DATKA, are firm believers in social change and work to not only empower women in rural parts of the country but also ensure that through our activities these women continue to earn an additional income and be able to contribute to their household. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to work with established art groups and women associations across the country who have not only perfected the art of felt making but are determined to pass it on to the next generation!

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Perizat, 27 years old

My ability to work and earn an income is very nice, despite lacking higher education, I am able to help out my parents and contribute to my household.

Working with our association members is very interesting and I am able to learn a lot, better my skills and also engage with other people, instead of feeling isolated.

I plan on passing my skills to my daughters (I have four), so that they can continue this tradition of felt making and also earn a decent income by practicing their craft.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Gulbubu, 63 years old

When you work with our association, you are working with the people for the people. You engage with one another, your mood is better and you feel useful not only to your family but also your community. 

Before a lot of women in our village use to sit at home and feel idle, and now they are able to go to work, practice their craft, earn an income and contribute to their community. 

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